Ease the workflow

  • Patient visits the cardiologist.
    Cardiologist turns AutoMRI ON.

  • 10-day scan window.
    No limitation on the number of scans during these 10 days and no need to return to the cardiologist for any additional check ups.

  • Patient enters MRI Scan.

    Approaching and detecting the scanner, the device switches into asynchroneous MRI mode.
    For tachy devices, the essential therapies (ATP + shock) are only deactivated during the MRI scan.
    Moving away from the scanner, 5 minutes after your patient leaves the MRI environment, the device switches back to the initial settings without any HCP intervention.

  • Patient can go home.
    Patient is free to go home autonomously.


Look up Tool

Verify the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) compatibility of implanted MicroPort CRM device. A complete Magnetic Resonance (MR) conditional pacing system consists of an MR approved combination of a cardiac implantable device with appropriate lead(s). Any MicroPort CRM device that is not available for selection is not compatible with MRI scans.

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