Our therapies


SafeR allows for intelligent management of AV conduction, significantly reducing unnecessary RV pacing in all pacemaker patients, including AV block patients.1–8


AutoMRI mode is the world’s first pacemaker technology capable of detecting an MRI field and automatically switching to asynchronous mode.


Proactive management of comorbidities. Early detection, long-term risk reduction. 1–6


World's first dual-chamber discrimination algorithm.

Dual Sensor™

Twin trace is designed to physiologically modulate the heart rhythm by combining Accelerometer and Minute Ventilation sensors.

SonR™ CRT Optimization

SonR™ measures real-time LV contractilty1 to optimize AV & VV delays.


Brady Tachy OverlapTM – BTOTM

96% specificity in slow VT zone.1

A proof of Parad+TM discrimination performance.

Multipoint Pacing™

Capture a broader area of LV,1 reduce persistent mechanical dyssynchrony2 and improve hemodynamics.3
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