The technology is in the tip: The only atrial pacing lead featuring SonR™

SonRtip is the only atrial lead with an embedded hermetically-sealed micro-accelerometer.
SonRtip lead



The world's only contractility sensor for automatic CRT optimization.

More than an atrial lead

  • While the SonRtip lead functions as a standard atrial lead, it also functions as a sensor to measure vibrations that correlate to heart sounds1

The SonRtip lead:

  • Can be easily implanted anywhere in the atrial wall2
  • Accurately measures cardiac muscle vibrations that reflect the first heart sound from any position in the atrium



SonR™ technology

World’s only contractility sensor for automatic CRT optimization.

  • Measures the vibrations that correlate to S1 heart sounds.1,2
  • Connects to the only CRT-D system able to measure real-time contractilityand automatically optimizes timing cycles at rest and exercise, providing 35% risk reduction in heart failure hospitalization4

This product is not available for sale or distribution in the USA. For further information on product availability, please contact your local representative.

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