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Any MicroPort CRM device that is not available for selection is not compatible with MRI scans.
Radiology department

MRI Workflow

Step 1.

Patient visits Cardiologist.

  • The cardiologist ensures the patient is eligible for an MRI scan and adjusts the settings of the device accordingly.

Step 2.

Check the MRI Approval Form.

  • Ask the patient to provide you with their MRI approval form which they will have received from their cardiologist. Before the patient undergoes the MRI scan, you will need to ensure that the appropriate scan conditions outlined in this form are fulfilled.

If the patient does not have their scan form you will need to contact their cardiologist as well as check the scan conditions.

For devices programmed in AutoMRI mode, the device automatically switches back to its initial settings 5 minutes after the patient leaves the MRI scanner. There is no need to reprogram the device, the patient can be discharged.

Step 3.

Post scan follow-up.

  • For devices programmed in Manual MRI Mode, the device remains in asynchronous MRI pacing mode and with essential therapies deactivated (ATP + shocks) until the end of the monitoring period. It is recommended to manually disable the MRI mode shortly after the MRI scan. In this case a post-scan follow-up with the patient is needed.